Onboarding between 75 and 100 registered individuals each year, we've developed a solid transition process, customized to your specifications and needs.  Our Onboarding & Integration team provides you with a deeper understanding of all of the resources available to you, integrating the benefits of LPL Financial's size and scale with a small firm feel.

Smooth Transition

Change can be overwhelming.  Financial Resources Group Investment Services coordinates with LPL Financial to ensure the onboarding and transition process is as smooth as possible - for both you and your end-clients.  We break down each of the services offered through LPL Financial and listen to your needs to develop a customized experience for you.  Through your customized plan, you can rest assured knowing our Onboarding & Integration team will ensure a successful, timely, and accurate transfer of your book of business.  Additionally, you will have a clear understanding of all available services including, but not limited to:

  • Introduction to our LPL Service360 team

  • ​Marketing support
    • Development of DBA brand, logo​

    • Initial marketing materials

    • Development of initial client communications

  • Technology support

    • Accessing LPL software

    • Setting up LPL email

    • Technology consultation & assistance networking office

  • Assistance with ADV part 2

  • Training plan coordination with LPL teams

  • Coordination of commission structures & documents

  • Onsite training and support as requested

The Onboarding & Integration Team

Christa Franse

Partner & Director of Integration

& Technology

Meleakia Spearing

Advisor Support Specialist &

Training Consultant

Susan Andre

Transition Support Specialist

"Together with a small group of advisors, we decided moving to LPL under Financial Resources Group Investment Services was in our best interest.  The onboarding team made the move more smooth than we could have imagined.  Our collective and individual questions were answered during the transition and the support once we were registered with LPL was instrumental in our continued success."

-Lance Browning, Income Solutions Wealth Management